Sunday, April 28, 2013

How Winnie-the-Pooh sabotaged our beekeeping dreams

So about a year ago J. said she wanted to keep bees and as I love my wife and family very much I said "Yes, of course dear.". J. started reading blogs, articles and books about keeping bees. "I want to be as gentle and as natural as I can." she said. "We need to get a Top Bar Hive." My reply to this was "Yes, of course dear."

Now you have to understand that we live in the centre of the city. We have a small (court)yard, but nothing that would be considered flowing meadows or an actual garden. "Bees are endangered." she said. "We need to help them; and besides this is a great opportunity for L. to learn about fauna and flora." Being the 'not-yet-out-of-the-closet' hippies that we are, I could see the reasoning behind this. So we set out to prepare L. for the arrival of the bees. We started by building a little bee hotel for solitary bees. We explained to L. that bees are friendly and that they need our help and that we could never, ever, hurt them. All in all we were set up for some peaceful beekeeping.

Until that day in January. "Angry bees will hurt me!", L. blurted out. J. and I looked at each other... Where did that come from? After some investigating, we found out that L. had been watching a DVD at grandma's: Winnie the Pooh. You all know the story: the little bear sets out to get honey from the bees in any which way he can. Usually he fails in some kind of way and the bees attack him or chase him through the Hundred Acre Wood. All these months of hard work sabotaged by Disney... This elevated Disney to the same heights as Monsanto or Kim Jong Un in J.'s and my "List of Companies or Persons that are set out to Destroy the Planet".. And of course we blamed television... Screens are not a common occurence at our house, so this provided proof to us that screens were bad; very bad indeed.

What could we do? Could we still keep bees? Would L. start screaming and running away every time a bee came near? Would he try to hurt the bees so he would really get stung? We cursed Disney and the little bear they owned.

"Can I see my friends? I need to help my friends". We looked at L. "I need to help my friends, just like Pooh" J. and I started laughing. We took L. to the park to see his friends. The park sort of resembles the Hundred Acre Wood. We walked through the park and pointed out the bees and the birds. We came home and L. helped me improve the bee hotel. This year we will order our Top Bar Hive and get some bees.

But he'll only get to watch Winnie when he's at grandma's.


  1. I have to agree ...

    A bear, wearing no pants, whose name can be pronounced as "we need to poo" ... is no friend of mine !

  2. Now we all want to know about Monsanto and Kim Jong Un? Who, what, where and why are they on your List of Companies or Persons that are set out to Destroy the Planet?

    1. Kim Jong Un a good friend of yours? :)


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