Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Google and Breastfeeding

So about a week ago I started blogging about my experiences as a dad.

J. and I are what some people might describe as 'natural parents' or 'attached parents'. We believe that we should raise our children in the most gentle and natural way possible. We don't judge other parents. Attached parenting is something that fits our lifestyle, but we realise that this might not be the case for other parents.

Breastfeeding is a huge part of this choice. L. has been breastfeed and still is; although he is 2 years and 8 months old. R. is being breastfeed as well. Naturally, I write about breastfeeding and a dad's perspective on the whole issue.

Although it took me a while to make the decision to blog, I started it with the intention of keeping it up for quite a while to come. My youngest daughter is 1 month old, so I have years of material ahead of me. As such I decided to apply for a Google AdSense account, which would allow me, in the future, to include some relevant Google ads to my blog. I was hoping I might create some revenue by which to promote my blog and to get the word out there.

This was without taking into account Google's view on breastfeeding. I was refused an account because they said my blog contained 'adult material' aka 'porn'. Apparently Google takes offense at a dad writing about his wife feeding children with her boobs (oops, I did it again.. I used the word 'boobs')

I guess there are still people out there that find breastfeeding repulsive and associate it with sex and porn. People that find it repulsive that a baby drinks milk from it's own mother; but at the same time don't find it repulsive that they drink cow's milk. Do they think a cow just makes milk so you can pour something over your cereal? 

I was going to wait a bit before publishing this post because I realise I'm angry. I'm angry at Google and I'm angry at people who judge others, fueled by their own insecurities and issues with the human body. 

In the mean time I remain proud of J., my wife. She is feeding my children and creating a loving bond that no-one can take away from her and our children. They will grow up to be strong, independent and not afraid of the human body.

If the miracle of birth wasn't enough, J. pulled another miracle out of her hat. The miracle of breastfeeding.


  1. I run a BF-Avocacy blog called nursinginpublic.com. Welcome to my world :(

    Are you planning to escalate this with google?

    1. If you mean with escalate that I will continue to tintalize them with posts about breastfeeding, I sure will.. For the rest, I'm just a dad writing about his family, who is in awe of his wife.. I think Google is a bit too big for me to take on.

  2. Facebook also considers breastfeeding porn and yet I've seen some truely revolting things on facebook and thats ok with them it seems!

  3. Notice the only ones getting "offended" by the sight of a breast are so called 'adults.' Babies all seem to be fine with them. I don't know what that tells you guys, but it tells me that there's nothing inherently "offensive" about breasts until other adults come in and corrupt the thinking of the world's youth/teenagers- usually via religiously motivated shaming.

    Sad state of affairs.


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